5 Common Misconceptions About Denture

What do you think about dentures? That they’re ugly? Uncomfortable? Gross? You think they are cheap and would fall out every time you open your mouth? What if I told you everything you’ve heard about dentures are myths? Here are five common misconceptions about dentures that you need to be aware of.

All Dentures Are The Same

Nope! If you decided to get a denture, talk to your dentist or denturist about dentures. You will need to undergo a thorough oral exam before you get yourself a denture. Customized denture fits you well because they are measured and made to fit your mouth and gums. If you opt for a normal denture, just because it’s cheap, you’ll end up with a breakable, uncomfortable denture. Make sure you visit a good denturist. A denture of good quality is vital for a good experience and health.

No More Visits To The Dentist

Dentures may seem easier to handle than regular teeth, but they have their troubles too that only a dentist can treat. So make sure you pay regular visits to your dentist to check for calcium deposits, discoloration, food stains, loose corners in your dentures. Remember dentures also affect your mouth and may cause tissue changes and damages. Periodic dental visits will help you check for trouble and get them fixed right away.

Dentures Tend To Fall Out

It depends on the type of denture you get. If you choose the regular cheap quality dentures, they will fall out when you chew or speak. However, personalized dentures don’t fall out at all. They are tailored to fit inside your mouth and gums and sit in place without causing discomfort or embarrassment. Proper dentures may even help you chew your food better. But if you’ve been wearing dentures for a long time, you may notice that they do become loose. That’s because, over time, your gums will shrink causing the dentures to seem loose. You can get that fixed from your denturist.

Dental Implants Make Dentures Better

Implants in your dentures are made to secure the denture a little better. However, implants aren’t necessary. They don’t help you eat better or improve your oral health in any way. They don’t add much value if you’re already using a well-fitting denture.

Dentures Are Ugly And Uncomfortable

It’s weird, isn’t it? It’s simple to snap them in and pop them out whenever you want. They are so artificial that some people think they are ugly too. However, once you get yourself a well-fitting denture, it won’t seem so a bad at all. You’d still be able to get the experience of biting and tearing into the food you love, and talk to people without feeling a thing.

There you have it. I’m sure you’d never look at a denture the same way again. In fact, you can talk to your dentist about getting a denture too. And you’d be surprised to see how well-fitting a denture you can get. Do you wear a denture already? How did you feel when you first got your denture? Tell us in the comments below.