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Dental emergencies can happen anytime. So it's important to differentiate between dental issues that require immediate attention as well as those that can be treated after some time. If you're unsure about the severity of the issue, then follow the quick guide below that will help you correctly diagnose the problem:

A dental emergency includes excessive bleeding, extreme pain, or a tooth that has been knocked-out or chipped. If past dental work such as crowns or fillings are becoming loose or have fallen out, this is also considered a dental emergency.

If you're suffering from a toothache, with signs of facial swelling and tooth abcesses, then you should immediately contact a dentist near you. Other dental emergencies include tooth injuries that can occur due to biting on hard food, or due to falling on a hard surface. Nerve damage, and tissue injury also comes under dental emergencies.

Be mindful of what you're suffering from, and contact a dentist immediately if you see any of the symptoms above.

If you’re experiencing any of these situations, call 888-885-1434, we can help immediately!

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