6 Common Root Canal Myths Debunked

Nowadays, it’s become so common that people throw out dental terms without realizing the truth in them. Here are six of the most common myths about root canal you should know.

Treating Root Canal Is Painful

If you are in pain, it’s often because your tooth is infected or inflamed, and not because of the root canal treatment. Yes, the procedure used to be rather painful in olden days, but now, with modern infrastructure and medical advancements, root canal treatment is a painless process.

Extraction Is A Better Alternative

Tooth extraction is always an option, but most often than not, dentists don’t recommend an extraction over a root canal. If you think extracting a tooth is less painful and safer than root canal treatment, you’re mistaken. Root canal treatment is not only pain-free and safe, but it also retains your natural teeth.

Root Canals Cause Illness

Dental procedures could cause minor discomforts. However, you should know that root canal treatments are safe and do not cause serious illnesses. Studies have suggested that people who take root canal treatment are not at risk of developing any diseases any more than those who haven’t taken treatment.

Root Canals Are Unnecessary If There’s No Pain

Get regular dental checkups from your local dentist. More often than not, you may have a dental condition you’re unaware of, just because it doesn’t hurt you. If your dentist does recommend a root canal treatment, it’s best to follow the procedure, even if you don’t feel any pain.Getting a treatment well in advance is better than having to endure the pain after the infection grows.

Root Canal Treatment Is Temporary

It depends a lot on your handling as well, but root canal treatment lasts for a long time. If treated with proper care and expertise, the crown of your tooth will fit in for a long time and protect your tooth. However, it works if you make the effort to protect your tooth with proper oral hygiene, home care, and regular dental visits.