Scaling & Polishing

Plain regular oral care is not always enough, you need a session of scaling & polishing once in 6 months.

What is scaling and polishing?

Scaling and polishing are two of the most common dental procedures to treat or prevent prophylaxis. While dentists advise everyone to brush their teeth at least three times a day or after each meal to prevent damage to the teeth. Yet there’s a possibility of plaque and tartar building up.

This happens because the mouth and teeth have a bacterial film. Saliva contains calcium which is needed to keep teeth strong and healthy. As a person eats food, the food is converted into starch or sugar, which is then combined with the bacteria. As this cycle continues, the teeth are placed in a more acidic environment, which may cause staining and damage to the enamel overtime.

How is it done?

Scaling involves the use of a specialized instrument to loosen and remove plaque and tartar without damaging the gums and teeth. This is then followed by polishing that removes surface stains while making teeth appear clear and shiny. Your dentist will use another instrument, along with a special paste for polishing teeth.

How often should I get it done?

Well, the frequency is often different for different individuals. The ‘once in 6 month’ rule is not applicable for everyone. Depending upon your lifestyle and eating habits your teeth may be susceptible to forming bacteria and plaque.

Each person, despite having good teeth or not, whether the gums are healthy or not, if a large amount of plaque and tartar is generated or not, whether you brush and floss like a pro regularly or not. That’s right, every person needs to see the dentist every 6 months.

How much does it cost?

Per session of scaling and polishing can cost anywhere between $50 – $100 being the lowest. Different other factors also determine the cost like severity of the case, location age, insurance coverage and more.

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